If you have questions or concerns about the protection of your money in any type of life insurance or annuity contract, watch this short video to learn how retirement insurance contracts can guarantee the safety and security of your benefits.
We are financial consultants that work with a select group of very successful business owners and professionals, who among other things aspire to a work-optional lifestyle.  We've developed and refined a process to put all the pieces of the retirement puzzle.  We incorporate Social Security, Medicare, Taxes and Retirement Income Planning in order to preserve investment principal, provide predictable and sustainable income while at the same time minimizing taxes to income, Social Security and Insurance contracts.

Our process is called The TKO Perspective.  Our hourly consultation rate is $350 per hour.  If you have never met with us, we provide the first hour on a complimentary basis.  This way we can both decide whether we are a good fit for each other and have a mutually beneficial relationship.  If not, we'll be the first ones to tell you!  


In addition, the TKO Perspective is available in an analysis and proposal format.  The cost for this service is $500 for non-clients and $300 for our existing clients.  The system has been time tested. It breaks down cash flow, details of the different income sources, taxes to Social Security and other investments.  This unique and important program are for those who want to ensure not to deplete their retirement, investments and savings.

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Tom Doncaster

Doncaster Ins and Fin Services