Tax Free Savings for Medicare Expenses
If you are near or over the age of 65, currently on or soon to be on Medicare, and you already understand that Medicare does not pay for all your healthcare expenses, watch this short video to learn how the tax code allows you to pay for uncovered Medicare charges from a tax exempt savings account.
Jerry Lober
The Lober Group
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My name is Jerry Lober, I am a Certified Estate Advisor & Insurance Broker in Maryland teaching wealth building principals since 1985.

Our company has helped thousands of ordinary people aquire a Guaranteed Income 4 Life, to live comfortably throughout thier retirement years.

We have done this through searching the insurance marketplace for products that never suffer a loss to your investments.

We believe an educated consumer is our best client and we are good at finding excepitonal products to save you money.  We look forward to being of service to you and your family.

It is the things you don't know about that can cause you financial distress when they happen. All Insurance and Investment Products are similar but not identical. My mission is to inform you of the plus and minus of the product you are interested in, well before you purchase.