Family Income Protection

If you have dependents (children, spouse or parents) who must rely on you and your income for financial security, watch this video to learn how easy and inexpensive it is to protect them from any economic adversity they would experience in your absence.

Dale A Dicks

SageOne Financial

 Lic. # NPN: 6830114

As a HowMoneyWorks Educator, I am committed to "Stamping-Out Financial Illiteracy" by teaching more and more families how money works, helping them realize "The American Dream of Homeownership", and achieve "Financial Independence".

I am a Trusted Advisor—background in mortgage originations, life insurance and real estate sales and investing—specializing in aggressive debt pay-off, life-long retirement income, and legacy building. I also have a high-degree of community consciousness: I  attained a Certified Financial Education Instructor status with the National Financial Educators Council, where I am dedicated to helping the masses overcome financial illiteracy through my COMPLIMENTARY educational workshops.