Gene Langenberg

Langenberg Financial Services 


Gene H Langenberg was raised on a farm in Nebraska and joined the Army after graduating from high school. Gene served as a Paratrooper with the 101st Airborne & the 82nd Airborne. Gene attended college, and for over 25 years Gene was a Manufactures Rep in the Food Service and Food Processing Industry.

In 2000 after many hotels, airports, and travel to most states Gene decided to start his own Financial Services Company, Langenberg Financial Services.

We approach the Financial Services with a unique approach. We help people find money that they are currently transfering away, unknowingly and unnecessarily.

A quote from one of our clents "Langenberg Financial Services" has kept our investments safe and we are enjoying a positive return. Do you think that taxes are going to go up? Do you want to pay those taxes? We have many strategies that will help you avoid those increases. If you are tired of worring about the Shock Market and want Peace of Mind contact us today.  Our Motto is "RETIRE RICHER YOUNGER"

Gene H Langenberg