Guaranteed Lifetime Income Withdrawals
If you are approaching retirement or already retired, and you are looking for the highest and surest way to withdraw money from your retirement savings, watch this video to learn how you can get guaranteed fixed income withdrawals for as long as you live, and without the risk of running out of money.
Lic. # OH 19396

 My business is helping people save on taxes and increase their monthly income for life tax free during retirement years.

We do this through life insurance, as well as the use of annuities.

Millions of Americans are learning and utilizing their many options to securely grow income during working years and then receive monthly income tax free during retirement years.

rather than entrusting their retirement and financial well-being to the stock market.

As the years progress, retirees who have used the market to increase their funds find out that they are running out of money at 85-95 due to market downturns and inflation.

401ks, IRA and 403-b accounts, are just a few of the qualified plans that may sound familiar to you, however it is important to be aware that this is NOT THE ONLY RETIREMENT OPTION AVAILABLE. Let us show you a better, more tax efficient option to grow your fund for retirement income.

An important part of my business also is helping to turn mortgage insurance policies and disability income contracts into savings plans, simply by including a return of premium rider to your contracts, insuring all premiums paid be returned to you at the end of the policy. How about a nice check for thousands at the end of the contract because you did not die, or you were not disabled? 

Please reach out to me at 216 261 0596 to discuss where you are today, and what routes to financial confidence and financial security are available for you moving forward. There is no charge for this service.